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developing High Performing Teams

Each team is unique and Mike specifically designs Team Training Programs to help you get the most out of your team.  These are based on team and individual behavioural outcome requirements for business success.


When Would You Choose a Team Training Program with Mike?

  • When teams want to focus on practical applications instead of just theoretical learnings.
  • When teams want memorable trainings.
  • When teams want skills they can take away and apply immediately.
  • When teams love the idea of performing at their best.
  • When teams are newly formed or facing changes.
  • When teams are not performing as well as they should be.
  • When teams are high performing and deserve a reward.
  • When teams have done other trainings and are looking for something new and exciting.
  • When teams are keen to incorporate different activities into their training.


What Would a Team Training Program Look Like?

Training can be designed in time blocks to suit you (from half day to one week plus) and can take a number of formats.  For example, training could:

  • Be in the style of ‘The Amazing Race’, where each participant leads one stage of your team adventure. 
  • Include adventure activities such as canyoning, high ropes or orienteering to stretch and develop your team members (external facilitators brought in where necessary).
  • Include traditional workshops on topics such as leadership or communication. 
  • Include physical team activities with facilitated debrief sessions to ensure maximum learning and application.
  • Include Teamstyles workshops.

To discuss your options or have Mike design a Team Training Program for your team, please contact Mike

Comments from Participants

Excellent session.  Really enjoyed the triangle game and the linkages that this made around team effectiveness / systems.  Enjoyed the reflection activities and personal stories (yours and others) to assist with learning.  Very engaging.”  Fleur Evans

“Clarity about key issues, ideas for improving performance, and enjoyment from seeing others improve.”  A.K.

A huge thank you for passing on your energy and enthusiasm to the group and making us have the belief to complete the task at hand.  Hope to see you again in the future.”  Lucy Mitchell


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