Time to Talk

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Time to Talk is a book, a guide and a work of art.  Time to Talk helps managers to make their workplace more enjoyable through the conversations they have with their teams.  It provides practical, easy-to-follow steps on how to have some of the more challenging workplace conversations.  By giving a step by step approach with some top tips for success, managers are more likely to have the challenging conversations rather than procrastinating.  Topics covered include how to create a vision for a team, carrying out a performance review, dealing with long term absence and managing poor performers.

Time to Talk is different from many management and business books as it is also a work of art, with superb motivational images and quotes to keep both managers and staff focused and inspired.  The guide folds into a desk top aide that can be used in meetings between manager and staff member.  The manager will be able to view the text page most suited to the conversation s/he is having, whilst the staff member on the other side of the desk will see a beautiful scenic image with a motivational quote.

Reviewers comment:  “I think of this book as a living book!  It sits on my desk and whenever I need some help having those difficult HR conversations, I flip over the beautiful images and find the text page most suited to my current HR issue.  It’s full of simple and practical steps to demystify the world of HR and help me get the best out of my people.” Nikki Gardner, Manager and Business Owner.

Author:  Kathy Catton

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