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Do you aspire to lead a high performing and rewarding team?

Work can and should be fun and rewarding in its own right. This is usually the case when a team’s performance is in the top 15% within its industry, and of course this top 15% is by far the most profitable place to be.  Performance and job satisfaction are closely correlated.  We all know its about getting the right people on the bus, having them in the right seats and going in the right direction together.  Quite how to achieve that can be challenging given all the day to day “stuff” that needs to be done.

To increase the productivity, performance and success of your team, Mike Catton will work with you to ensure that focus is applied across both strategic and tactical aspects of the business.  By increasing productivity you’ll free up demands on your time from tactical issues.  This time can then be focused on the strategic decisions that will determine the long term profitability and success of the business. 

Communication and implementation of decisions are vital steps and again Mike Catton can assist you in these areas.  Options include tailored design of business systems, team training and coaching of individuals.  Mike Catton can assist you with the development of your leaders and the provision of specific skills across your entire team.


Experience does matter

Mike regularly delivers training for:


Get funding to help with your training

Mike Catton is able to deliver training under the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) Capability Development funding scheme. Vouchers of up to $5,000 towards your training costs may be available if your business has less than 50 employees and meets other criteria.

Are you eligible?  Find out here 

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