Client Comments

“Hi Mike, just wanted to report a really successful first day today. Things were very slick with our new facilitators. Lots of engagement and a really good vibe, this is due to the style and feel of the presentations and that has come from you.  I think we have all exceeded our expectations and are very confident moving forward into the week. As the responsible manager I feel that we have really given ourselves the best start that we could wish for with the safety initiative. So thanks again for your teachings and guidance, couldn't have done it without you – very very happy”.  Andy Boyd

“To the great rafting team. I don’t really know how to explain such a trip to an outsider. It has highs, lows, pain and pleasure. But at the end of the 219.5km paddle, it was such an exhilarating experience that the tough sections were quickly forgotten. It was an experience of a lifetime. The Leadership coaching is a must for anyone in business. I have been to many business courses, and this was the best I have been to by far. It is a must for anyone wanting to improve their business. It is SOOOO good I will be sending my key staff on the next one, and doing it myself again next year. I can’t thank Matt, Ellis and Mike enough.”  Andrew Taylor

“The experience from the rafting trip has given me real clarity and perspective on how to implement different ideas and processes to get the best out of my business. The success is speaking for itself, giving me more time to focus on the business. When is the next rafting trip guys?”  Wade Bachmann

“When I first started the expedition I was debating if adventure and business would mix, by day 2 I was very surprised how open and receptive I was.  I was very relaxed during our rafting trips, and yet very alert and responsive to absorbing the business ideas, experience and wisdom from both the course leaders as well as the real life experience from my rafting pairs. I can honestly say I left the trip with a real sense of personal development, but more important, I left the trip with more ambition for my business as well as enthusiasm to develop my personal growth.  The peace, the sense of calmness and relaxation on the river mixed with the surrounding elements and views has developed an anchor in my mind that has associated the personal business development with a memorable moment.  This all may sound a little hairy fairy, but believe it – it’s true.”  George Roberts

Lots of great tips and ‘aha’ moments.  Thanks Mike.  Another great session.”  Jo Bushe

“Lots of food for thought in all dealings with people.  Great summary sheet – the usual reminders rock!  You’re an excellent facilitator.  Thanks!”  Kelly Lawson

“Frameworks really help when faced with difficult situations.  What we learned today will help me immediately.”  Stuart Barrass

Huge value.  Another excellent module.  The roleplays are invaluable.  My confidence has increased from the last session.  Exceptional course Mike.  Thank you!”  Pia Steiner

“Very applicable and practical.” Neil Cran

“Enjoyed the session.  Right amounts of interaction and fun activities.”  Luke Ferguson

“Fantastic Mike.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.”  Pia Steiner

“Great session with many valuable take-aways.  Feeling good about coaching and providing feedback.”  Dean Purcell

“Everything covered was incredibly useful and worth learning.  Made me think of other ways to address conversations in feedback and coaching to get the best solution.  Rachael Fielding

Great delivery.  Great content.  Great course.  Thank you.”  Margaret Horne

“Lots of good information.  Good, valuable training.”  Ann Martin

“Thank you – great, insightful, very helpful and relevant.”  Alicia Wright

“Great content on reflective listening, questions and feedback.  Really interesting to learn the basics on how the brain works with regards habits, etc.  Thoroughly compelling and engaging.  Nice course Mike.  You are a very interesting trainer and encourage independent thinking and ideas.”  Pam Barnes

Always enjoy the sessions facilitated by Mike as they have a way of presenting a different perspective on interesting concepts.  Great session.  Well paced, fun and very educational.  Great delivery and learning.  Thank you.”  Margaret Horne

Excellent session.  Really enjoyed the triangle game and the linkages that this made around team effectiveness / systems.  Enjoyed the reflection activities and personal stories (yours and others) to assist with learning.  Very engaging.”  Fleur Evans

A thorough understanding of key aspects of leadership and things to consider when making decisions as a leader.  Great activities!”  Rachael Salter

“Good ideas on how to involve the team more to motivate and get the best result.  Mike is an excellent trainer who has great knowledge and skills and is able to include people and make them think.”  Stephen Gooch

“This is great.  I have a number of very specific take-aways which I will definitely be applying to presentations that I have coming up.”  Nat Janke-Gilman

Helped break down my barriers about my fear of public speaking.  Gave me easy to understand techniques.   Thanks very much Mike.  I have found the course very valuable.”  L.P.

“I feel so much more confident in speaking in front of others.”  A.D.

“Clarity about key issues, ideas for improving performance, and enjoyment from seeing others improve.”  A.K.

“Not nearly as nervous, able to present more confidently in front of a range of audiences.  Great course.  I’ve really grown from this.  Thanks.”   Jessica Hinks

“I really valued learning how important the smallest things are and how to make them look effortless.  Loved the course.  This is going to be applied to day to day life.”  Emma Clarke

“Great techniques for presentation and confidence.  It was wonderful being able to practice.”    Bianca Scott

“Great for building confidence and techniques to overcome fear.  I really enjoyed Mike’s humorous approach to teaching and how he adjusted to our different learning styles and speeds.”  B.C.

“Lots of confirmation of tools I knew about and additional tools to add.   The practical role playing was very useful to cement new learnings.”  T.K.

Great ideas and practical tips for my ‘toolbox’.  Good balance of information and practice.  Great content, interesting, well paced.”  Tracy Johns-Kolmer

“I now have an understanding of tools to speak well and deliver a message.  I’m committed to applying it at work and otherwise.  This was an excellent course – content and delivery.  I attend many courses and this one rocks!  I would (and did) recommend this to anyone.  Henrico Van Niekerk

“The course gave me confidence, tips and advice.  I enjoyed Mike’s style of teaching and his mannerisms.”  P.T.

Practical solutions to overcome presentation fears.  Clear structured approaches to presentations.”  Matt Sharks

Excellent tips and pointers to extend my skills in presenting.  Great day.  Huge thanks.”  Stew Poole

“I loved learning skills for life and that there are techniques for capturing audiences.  It was great.  Really looking forward to the next session.”  Emma Clarke

“I now have more confidence and understanding of what makes a good presentation.  It’s great knowing that you don’t have to be perfect.  Thank you.  I look forward to applying what I’ve learnt.”  Jessica Hinks

“I loved learning what piano keys are available for me to speak / present.  Great course and excellent presenter / trainer.  Excellent content.   Henrico Van Niekerk

“Thanks for the great ideas to improve my presentations.”  Riana Schoeman

“I learnt a lot and will take away a number of insights for presenting.  Keep doing what you’re doing Mike.  It’s great!”  Hayley Thorne

“I gained so much self-confidence, and making a presentation in the future feels so much more exciting.  I learned so many things that will be helpful for me giving presentations in the future.  The trainer is really good.  He created a balance of learnings, humour and music.  The environment was really conducive to learning.  A job well done!”  G.B.

A great course!  I gained lots of new techniques to pre-plan into my presentations.”  Carly Strausberg

“Great - techniques for confidence, presentation structure and the sharing of life experience.  I would love to attend any other training seminars.”  H.B.

“A great opportunity to actually practice the numerous exercises usually only discussed.”  B.H.

“I gained a lot of valuable knowledge that I can apply when doing presentations.  Great job.  I highly recommend Mike to others.”  Gloralie Baua

“Good to practice skills you can’t normally practice.”  B.H.

“I loved gaining knowledge of how small keys can cause huge improvements.”  Jason Marshall

“It was great picking up tips to present better, especially gestures.”  Nessie McIver

“I really valued learning how to improve my confidence in presenting, how to prepare and provide the most value and how to interact with the audience.  Great delivery!”  Hassan Bukhari

“Good tips and techniques.  I love that there was time to ask questions and have initial practice using the various techniques.”  Carly Strausberg

Mike is engaging, easy going and makes you feel relaxed in the learning environment.”  Hayley Thorn

“Good ideas to use in future presentations.  The practice and feedback were very useful.  “  Riana Schoeman

“I have a much better understanding now of better ways to engage with the audience.  I’m looking forward to the next session.”  Emma Prestage

“Fantastic skills to apply to every day life, particularly engaging my colleagues while presenting.”  Rachel Gregor

“It’s great now having a ‘formula’ to apply when giving a presentation.  The session was very engaging with well timed exercises.”  Alicia Wright

“I came away with a great set of specific and directly applicable presenting tools.  This is one of the most professionally useful training courses I’ve taken.  I almost didn’t want to take this course because I’ve already go some self-taught skills, but this course helped to show me how to take things to a new level.  Awesome job.  Thanks.”  Nat Janke-Gliman

Great tips and tricks.”  A.K.

“I now have more confidence in myself to speak in front of a group.”  A.D.

“Good examples were given to remember the content covered.  I really enjoyed the course.”  Jason Fincher

“I now have a better insight on mentoring workers and looking at my own faults.  A fantastic course.”  Pete Philpott

Great content.  Will be valuable.”  Nick McDougall

Lots of new insights / practices.”  P.J. 

“Training was pitched at an appropriate level and was relevant.  I gained clarity of the components / process of being an effective mentor.  Excellent effort Mike.  Thank you.”  John Twidle

“Great reinforcement of a lot of life experiences in how we deal with situations / mentoring.”  William Vermeulen

“We learned what we needed for being a better facilitator plus how to structure our new course for our audience.  Thanks Mike for providing us all with a really stable, well thought-out facilitation process.”  Andy Boyd

A hugely valuable 4 days.  A skill set I can use in a variety of different ways and apply to a number of situations.”  Lucy Mitchell

A huge thank you for passing on your energy and enthusiasm to the group and making us have the belief to complete the task at hand.  Hope to see you again in the future.”  Lucy Mitchell

“I loved seeing some good tricks of the trade being demonstrated plus having time to practice and training myself with good and valuable feedback.  Thanks a lot, very helpful.”  Stefan Plass

I have gone from being nervous and underconfident to feeling prepared and excited.”  F.L.

“Thanks Mike for your gentle, accepting approach and for all your assistance with getting our course materials in to a useable format that we have confidence in.”  F.L.

“I got immense value from the techniques, both personal and technical.”  R.W.

“Excellent help with course structure and flow, also rationalization of content.  Personally, I now have more confidence and self-belief in my ability.”   Ana Reynolds

Very enjoyable and informative.”  Ana Reynolds

Great process for being successful.  Increased personal insight and self reflection.  Good pace.  Good info.”  J.A.

Real life, applicable actions that can be implemented to assist cohesion in the workplace.”  Shannon Goldsmith

“A number of new approaches to engaging in courageous conversations.”  Teone Sciascia

“New tools to use at work and home.  Great job Mike – good practical advice and examples.”  - Phil Tumataroa

“I loved the step-by-step approach.”  M.C.

“I gained confidence, tools and commitment to having courageous conversations.  A very rewarding workshop.  I look forward to implementing the skills.  I feel so empowered!”  Arapata Reuben

Good ideas and tactics for getting more productive conversations going.”  Blade Jones

“Great body language and communication tools to use in every day business.”  Claire Bourne

New techniques and tools.  Thanks – very good!”  Andrew Scott

“Increased confidence and motivation to address issues.  I’ve really enjoyed these sessions.”  Richard Ball 

“This has been a valuable experience.  It has consolidated many things/ideas/theories for me.”  F.W.

“I’ve really learned the value of preparation time and I loved the pointers to avoid fear of speaking.  Awesome!”  David Brooks

“I have learned new skills to apply immediately and I feel more focused about the skills I can improve instantly and further develop.  I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the small group sessions were valuable.  I enjoyed giving positive feedback and observing other speakers.   It was a well designed programmePractical and useful!”  Maania Farrar

“I loved the practical experience in using various techniques and receiving feedback.  Thanks, this was a great training session.”  C.B.

Thanks Mike.  You always challenge us at a much deeper level than just teaching us skills.  An enjoyable, informative day as always.”  Jo Domigan

“Increased confidence to speak easy.   I appreciated your style Mike – friendly, open and empathetic.”  Andy Spanton

Have had Mike present several times and no repetition, good consistent approach and well-informed.”  J.A.

“I now have an understanding that there are many piano keys to use in order to make a good presentation  - not just content.  I enjoyed Mike’s personal approach and engagement with this session.”  K.W.

Absolutely impressed with Mike’s knowledge and rapport with the audience.”  A.R.

“I loved the positive psychology and strategies for working more effectively within the time I have available, both within work and personal life.  Stimulating and relevant.”  Paulette Tamati-Elliffe

“Lots of motivational ideas and techniques.”  Michelle Cathcart

“I now have more resources to manage work and self, plus an understanding of environment and how to interpret and manage interruptions.  Thank you for sharing!”  Teone Sciascia

Really motivational.  Lots of interesting concepts and realisations of why we do certain things.  Thought the videos were great demonstrators of the discussion topics.”  G.B.

Lots of tools/techniques for application personally and with the team.”  Andrew Scott

Practical methods to implement in shifting my mindset.”  Shannon Goldsmith

“New information given was great.  Also appreciated being reminded of things I already know but haven’t necessarily been applying to life.”  J.S.

Excellent day and would value and benefit from more of this type of growth/education workshop.”  Russell Drake

Very beneficial and interesting.  Thank you.”  T.J.

“This course was a great reminder that we are in control of ourselves and therefore our productiveness and happiness.”  R.H.

Good range of tools when dealing with customers, peers and family.  Good range of audio and visual materials.  The presentation and discussions were enjoyable.”  D.R.

“It highlighted for me areas in both my private and work life that I could improve on.  Some thought provoking ideas and tools to adapt to different situations and scenarios.”  Suzanne Adams

“Enjoyed the training.  Great presentation.  Really easy to listen to and understand.”  Debbie Gordon

“This course reminded me why people question, and also gave me the tools to listen, confirm and reply, not only in a meeting but by written text, to ensure we are all on the same page.”  Liz Fife

Great skills to achieve results and understand how people work.”  Bridget Reeve

“Very clear, precise and easy to understand.  Good communicator and encouraged group discussion.”  Blair Milne

“Really enjoyed today.  Thanks.”  Chris Ashton

Excellent course.  I appreciated being able to explore new ideas (or improve old ones) that will improve my client meetings and achieve a higher level of results.”  Ian Cundall

“I gained a greater understanding of differing perspectives, communication strategies and reaching agreements.”  Jodie Baker

Fresh ideas.  A new way of thinking.  Really enjoyable.”  Sam Marson

“Excellent time had.   Lots to apply personally.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you!”  B.J.

“The course gave me a great understanding of human behaviours and how to use/understand/manipulate these.”  K.T.

“I now have a better understanding of myself, others and how to grow personally and professionally.”  Bradley Wilkinson

This is by far the best training course I have been on over my 40 years in the industry.”  Brian Dale

“I appreciated the many different philosophies and tools to help make me a more effective leader.”  Kevin Tracey

Enlightening.  Explained a lot of what was going on for me and presented some solutions.  Thanks.”  Peter Lange

Great tool kit of ideas to improve my leadership.”  Kerry Wells

“I will find the information learnt very valuable.  Very well presented.”  C.H.

“My take home learnings:  Have a goal.  Don’t do something to be busy.  Do something to achieve something.”  Shaun Bowle

“Enjoyed the four days and felt engaged throughout.”  A.B.

“After the training today, I know it’s in my power to change my environment.”  Neil Bridgens

“Mike’s presenting style is laid back and honest. It’s extremely refreshing, the info is easily absorbed.”  Roddy Frost.

“I just love listening to Mike – it was all fantastic. I could listen forever.”  Carol

Mike is an inspirational and thought provoking presenter.  He gave us so many ideas to help clients.”  Pippa Vincent

“Very relevant for so many areas of our lives then as a trainer as well.  Mike has a great style and presents well. Thank You.”  Rosie Shakespeare.

Mike’s energy & content delivery was fantastic.  Look forward to applying the new tips immediately. Thanks.”  Cate Grace.

“Entertaining.  So informative.  So many “ah-hah’ moments. Thank you again.”   Gabriella Kunns.

Provides extra motivation and makes you realize how you use the power of your mind.” Jayden Anher

“I really appreciate Mike’s knowledge.  He is full of great skills.”  Leonee Crighton

“Mike was a very engaging presenter, He really got me thinking about not only my clients but also how I think and go about my goal setting/client retention/building rapport. Thanks a bunch.”  Storm Woolley

Excellent presentation, clear, concise, easy to understand and highly relevant.”  Ginaya Chaston.

“Interesting information made digestible and memorable. Always awesome.”  Broni McSweeney

“A different approach to looking at time management.”  No name given

“Outside the square ideas.”  No name given

“Relaxed.  Mike gave examples from his experience of high relevance to all the class.  He is relaxed and confident and a good communicator.”  Andy Spanton

“Mike is very knowledgeable and interesting.”  M Wakefield

“Mike was able to move and change with the needs of the audience.  He let the discussion flow, but not for too long.  He was culturally sensitive, positive and spoke very clearly.  He gave good personal examples.”  - Nicole Evett

“The information was very clear and able to be adapted to many different scenarios and project types.  Mike was flexible and happy to fit people’s views and questions in.  He gave clear answers to questions asked.”  Gail Gordon

“Very simple, easy to follow delivery amongst a diverse group of participants.  Mike readily identified all the issues that challenge people in day to day practice.  He gave practical and applicable solutions and practices to implement.”  Geraldine Bookman

“Straightforward.  Make the topic easy to understand.  Useful day to day.”  Simon

“I valued the relaxed atmosphere and the permission to ask questions and try things out. The instructors are excellent. I always felt heard. They are very approachable and genuine. I really appreciated that you were just interested in sharing what you know with no hidden agenda and sales pitch. The course is very worthwhile and although lots of information was given it was given in a useful way – not overwhelming.”  Madeleine Peacock

“Really easy to listen to, humorous and enjoyable.”  A.W.

“The course had amazing content and I really valued the in-depth knowledge and passion of Mike and Amanda. The personal stories and experiences shared through question and answers were helpful.”  Dan Moir

Extremely knowledgeable and practiced in the skills.”  Amanda Van Kuppevelt

Mike is excellent!  Sanna Emmett

“Excellent style of presentations – great mix of stories, science and practical application.”  No name given

“I very much enjoyed your style, pace and approach. It felt very personal.”  Ellis Emmett

Excellent! Welcoming, open, very knowledgeable about the subject, empathetic, credible. Someone to aspire to.”  Lyndal McMeeking

“Excellent. Delivered with heart and passion.”  Austin McCarthy

It can change your life instantly.”  Ann Smith

10/10.”  Ayner Rider

“Excellent. Integrity, honesty and believability.”  Brad Hilcombe

Highly professional and knowledgeable  Daz Hunter

Mike worked on so many levels.”  Linzi Thomas

“Excellent experienced instructors. Very calm and inclusive. Enabled a relaxed learning environment with lots of fun activities.”  Tammy Tarpey

Awe inspiring!  Pauline Byrne

Excellent.  Chris O’Dell

“Excellent. Mike kept me awake and curious throughout the weekend. So much knowledge just pouring out.”  Nigel Wombwell

“Great instructors. Knowledgeable. Great rapport (naturally!). Energetic and enthusiastic.”  Tony Burns

“Mike’s style was sincere and engaging. Great content, allowed feedback and interaction from us as a group and kept us on task and to schedule. The team building examples were great and helped us bond as a group.” Richard Kell

“This course is great for someone who wants to develop themselves and maximize their performance.”  Linzi Thomas

Thank you for lighting my fire!  Joel Bourzaid

Just do it!  Chris O’Dell

“I found Mike easy to listen to and understand.”  Karen Scott

“I was particularly impressed with the way you fielded all questions with such confidence and knowledge.”  Amanda Staniford

Mike was fantastic.”  Megan

“Mike is an excellent speaker; professional, experienced and approachable.” Jacquie Leo

Did an excellent job of keeping everyone engaged and challenged (in a good way).” M.P.

“Fantastic Mike. I found your understanding of the material incredible.”  L. Gordon

I would advise anyone who wanted to make a profound difference in their life, to live the life they want for themselves, to do this.”  Karen Scott

“This course is life-changing and I highly recommend it.”  H.M.

I absolutely loved the course, I have learnt so much more than I expected, I can now make positive changes in my own life. Thank you.”  Laura Holroyd

“I’ve gained a huge appreciation for Mike’s ability to deliver at World Class level. Together Mike and Amanda work really well as dual trainers. Top level stuff guys.”  Craig Haywood

“Great delivery, inspiring content, leaving with a packed toolbox for juicy living!”  Carla Forbes

Brilliant.  Mike genuinely cares about delivering a great result for each participant.”  Nic Dale

Awesome.  Awesome.  Awesome.  Great sense of humour, approachable and plenty of knowledge to share.”  Rachael Marriot

“Great presenters.  Easy to understand, practising what they teach.”  Anna Hill

Excellent.”  Emma

Perfect.”  Bryce

“The presenters were excellent.  They were fun, energetic, used humour appropriately and ensured that all group members could participate and remain safe while doing so.”  L.C.

“The instructors had a great knowledge and a willingness to generously share with us, whilst acknowledging our current knowledge. Their personal stories brought material live and made it real for us.”  Jayashrii Mcfadgen

Mike is an excellent facilitator, he is personable, honest, REAL and passionate about life.”

Excellent. Mike, you were great.” S.N.

“The instructors were warm, engaging and authentic. Mike has a genuine desire to pass on his knowledge and tools. I see his fondness for others and a willingness to walk alongside them to create transformation in their lives.”  Claire Jackson

“Mike was great, easy to follow and understand. I really appreciated the caring learning environment created and that we could all ask questions any time and interact with fellow trainees.”  Andrew Davies

Excellent presentation style and degree of group interaction facilitated.”  Sarah Hallam

Excellent knowledge. Very informal delivery and openness that encouraged audience participation.”  Colin Clapp

“Mike, 10 out of 10. The crew were great too.”  Suzanne

“It’s life changing, empowering, and I encourage you attend.”  Rachael Marriot

“The course is one of the most powerful and inspiring courses that I've been to.  The content delivery and supportive environment were a great mix.”  L.C

“The course material is relevant to all people, it's practical and easy to use.”  Jayashrii Mcfadgen

“The course is great for enhancing your communication skills. Those attending will definitely understand others much better, whilst at the same time increasing their confidence in themselves.”  T.K.

“I most valued the amount of learnings delivered on the course.  Somehow it was both very easy and fun to learn. I would give anyone full encouragement to attend the course, the impact it has made me is enough of a selling point.”  S.N.

“The practical exercises brought alive my earlier learnings and consolidated my knowledge to great effect.  Claire Jackson

“The NLP was awesome and the usefulness of particular tools is incredible.”  Andrew Davies

“The trainers were 10 out of 10.”  M.O. 

“The presenters were excellent in all categories.”  C.H. 

Excellent.  Mike kept us interested, went with the flow and kept it all tied in.”  D.W.

“Mike has a wealth of knowledge which he openly shares appropriately.  Great facilitation and ability to change track as the group wanted, always bringing us back to the main topic smoothly.”  Nicole Redfern

“Mike is sincere and generous with his knowledge.”    K.F.

“Excellent.  Mike’s management of the weekend was superb: pacing, wisdom, humility, flexibility, boundary setting.  He created a great environment for us to learn.”  Kaila Colbin

A+, great pace and mood set for the whole weekend.  Well done.”  Patterson Star

Excellent.”  Paul Dawson

10 out of 10 for all aspects.  I honour your commitment to excellence.”  Gayel Marquet

“Mike was hypnotic and engaging.  Able to hold the audience’s attention and genuine interest for the duration of the course.  Great at explaining a concept multiple ways so everyone understands.”  Karen Hamilton

Fantastic.”  Nic Newman

“Mike works hard to put people at ease.  Very enthusiastic about his subject matter.”  Sarah Harness

“I rate the instructors very highly, they had lots of passion and knowledge, both real musts for this type of training.  It was a very positive experience for me.”  Jane Hall

Top marks.  Mike is compelling, informative, useful and personable.  Great answering questions.”  T.O. 

“Great trainers.  Knowledge delivery, approachable easy manner and gentle guidance.”  Leonie Huddleston

“I regard Mike as one of the best people I have ever come into contact with.  Extremely knowledgeable, calm and captivating.  I was drawn to every aspect of his delivery.”  Roddy Frost 

A+.”  Sarah Marquet

“Come prepared with specific things you want to change in your life so that you can pull relevant things from the course.”  C.H. 

“The balance between learning and applying the tools was brilliant and effective.  Would have liked longer days to get all of the questions in.  The tools can be used across life, not just professional or personal development.”   K.F. 

“I liked the simple explanations.  Would happily recommend the course.”  D.S. 

Tools for the game of life.  Absolutely necessary to learn the shortcuts to the long road of happiness.”  Patterson Stark

“This course is the manual you never got for your brain.  Great mix of show and tell.  Awesome encouragement of participants to contribute.  Loved the revealing of hidden training secrets.  It is a profound privilege to be in your presence and in your powerful yet compassionate delivery of the tools of your NLP passion.  Can and will confidently and wholeheartedly recommend your course to others.”  Gayel Marquet

“I most valued the integrity with which the course was delivered and meeting a group of new friends.  If you would like help navigating your way to your hearts desire then I am sure that this course will be a big help. Awesome what you can learn in 2 days.”  Paul Dawson

“I really appreciated the information provided with examples of how it applies in life, very relevant.  A must for personal and career growth.”  Karen Hamilton

“I really liked the practical application of techniques.  This course is the integration of techniques for success.  It’s a real world manual of the brain, perfect combination of east and west.”  Nic Newman

“The training was well paced allowing everyone to get their answers without being rushed.  Lots of open discussion, variety, movement and activities.  I would suggest that people attend with a totally open mind and allow the flow of the course and its content to just take them on a journey.”  T.C.

Just do it!”  Sarah Marquet

10/10.  Very good.  Great knowledge, friendly and welcoming at all times.” Laura Howard

“Great rapport.  Great use of skills being presented.  Fabulous to see the instructors talk the talk and walk the walk at all times.” Catherine Grace

“Mike was very knowledgeable, approachable and genuine.”  Dane Fuller

“Really valued the relaxed atmosphere.  Best instructors I have experienced.”  Bryce Randle

Mint, awesome, Tu Meke.”  Riwai Grace

“All very professional, confident and fun.  Long days that went very quickly.  Interactive examples helped.  Lots of examples and stories, very interesting.”  Sarah Bradbury

Great!  Friendly, enthusiastic and engaging.”  Jackie Tolmie.

“I thought Mike was fantastic, confident speaker, very easy to understand, captured the audience and made it inspiring.”  Kelly Meuli

“I really valued the passion of the instructors and their genuine care for everyone in the group to ensure that each person understood what was being taught.  Coming on the course will enrich your life.  It’ll open your mind and help you grow as a person.  You’ll be given practical tools to help you interact and communicate with others and thus give you more fulfilment in life.  I wish that the course was longer … loved it.  Thank you so much.”  Laura Howard

“The content, the delivery, the accelerated learning tools and variety will mean I have tools I can use for a lifetime.  I wanted to give feedback to help improve it but couldn’t see anyway to do so, it was fantastic, I would come again next week and do it all again!  If you want to change something in your life you will need to enhance your own skills.  NLP will enhance what you already know and help you unlock resources you didn’t realise you have.  It is inspirational and worth investing in.”  Catherine Grace

Valuable, insightful for everyone, well worthwhile and very practical.” Dane Fuller

“I thought the whole weekend was great!  Well Done.”  Graham Parratt

Mike is a great presenter with stage presence and passion.”  Hayden Richards

“Absolutely recommend the course.  The content can be applied to all of life’s aspects and challenges.  I know lots of people who could benefit from these learnings.”  Craig Crawford

“I thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of topics we covered and how they were so applicable to every aspect of life.  The activities were interesting and interactive.  I have already recommended it to friends and flatmates.  I think its so beneficial, can apply to anything.”  Kelly Meuli

“Its only two days!  The learning can be used for a lifetime, from now forward.  If you need motivation to achieve your goals in life then this is the course for you.”  Phil Benoit

Practical application in real life, both work and personal.  I love the science behind stuff the most.  Would highly recommend to squillions and will do so heaps more.  Thanks.”  Broni

“Excellent – both very well prepared and knowledgeable with supportive style and approach.”  Kathryn Jackson

Clear, concise, awesome.”  Suzy Waaka

Hands on, practical training that you can put to use straight away.”  No name given

“The workshop is a no-holds-barred exploration of the power that NLP can bring to presentation skills. Prepare to be well and truly stretched!”  Kathryn Jackson

Brilliant on all levels – can’t fault. Out of all of Mikes courses – this one is the best because the presenters equally brilliant and complimented each other.”  Broni  

Very clear and concise delivery, knowledge was great.”  Nick Thompson

“Both a 10.  They knew their stuff and connected well with their audience.”  Latesha Randall

“Very very good, sincere and a willingness to help people improve themselves. Mike and Mike well done, very professional.”  Kevin

Entertaining, informative, well placed.”  Scott Miller

“Both very approachable and supportive; very relaxed delivery style. Both presenters good knowledge base.”  Sue Wilkinson

10/10.  Mike and Mike both awesome, different personalities complimented each other well.” Karen Eade

Excellent! Top class.”  Anna Hill

“Invaluable, a ‘Must Do’ for anyone who wants to communicate effectively. Very effective, very clear, very well thought out. My lectures will rock now. Thank you.”  Broni

“As someone who has had considerable public speaking experience this course exposed my weaknesses and improved my strengths. I would recommend it to anyone who aspires to improve.”  Chris O’Dell

Recommend it!”  Colin Clapp

“It’s a great way to take the largeness of the topic of presenting and break it down into manageable chunks. I’ll never look at another presenter or presentation the same again.”  Nick Thompson

All of it was useful, learning the gestures, tonality, getting feedback from a supportive group and all the practical applications. Go for it!”  Latesha Randall

Highly Recommend!Kevin Payne

“I found the course of great value.” Scott Miller

“The theory followed by the ‘Practical’ straight away was a great learning strategy. Forced me to get up and speak.”  Sue Wilkinson.

“Very effective, didn’t know we could learn and utilize so much in one day. I am more confident in presenting.”  Vicky Hunwick

“OMG, I’ve been to many seminars, workshops, conferences etc on various subjects. This was way up there! Absolutely go for it! I will be spreading the word amongst those I know who present and advising them to do the course.”  Karen Eade

“Amazing way to increase your confidence at presenting in all situations. If your goal is to be a confident and motivational speaker then I highly recommend playing full out on this course. I loved it! Thank you!”  Anna Hill

“The knowledge base of the instructors was amazing.  I am in awe of both.  Delivery was awesome and both were very approachable.”  Julie

Excellent, superb on knowledge, delivery and approachability.”  Marian Wood

“Fantastic.  Both are extremely supportive, making the course fun and interesting.”  Tracey Mitchell

Awesome.”  Kate

Exceptional on all levels.  Amanda and Mike have instilled within me a huge confidence to communicate.”  Mandy Coddington

Great knowledge, delivery and approachable.”  N. H.

Amazing.”  Trish Johansen

Excellent.”  Naomi Lindsay

“Great presenting style.”  Yvonne Rylan

“Both instructors were fantastic.  Deep knowledge of the subject was evident.  They kept the audience engaged all the time.”  Laura Howard

“Both instructors are fantastic.  They work really well together and the synergy is awesome.”  Roddy Frost

“Mike and Amanda work great as a team, delivering a comprehensive course with ease.”  Tessa O’Toole

“Awesome.  Fun presenting of serious skills.”  Karen Hamiltion

“Both Mike and Amanda are professional and genuine.  It was a privilege to spend time being taught by them.  Their passion to help others is amazing.”  Catherine Grace

“The course is a life changing experience both personally and professionally. I wish I had know these skill sets earlier, it would have saved much conflict and heartache.”  Julie

I didn’t want it to end.  It has affected my abilities to communicate both personally and professionally.”  Mandy Coddington

“I would recommend this course to anyone.”  N. H.

“Nothing was superfluous, everything was valuable.  Absolutely do it.  I cannot imagine a person who would not benefit from doing this course.”  Trish Johansen

“Really interesting with many “light bulb” moments.”  Naomi Lindsay

“Money well spent.  Great skills for life and a life changing experience.”  Yvonne Ryland

“Great content and presentation style.  It was the most comprehensive communication course I have ever attended.  Attending Transforming Communication is definitely a win for me!”  Hayden Richards

Definitely worth doing!”  Roddy Frost

“I have learnt so much.  The best course I have ever attended.  If there is one course that you do in your life, this is the one!”  Marian Wood

“Great skills for use in all areas of my life. The course has literally transformed the way I will communicate.”  Laura Howard

“I believe that this course provides an amazing skill set.”  Jenny Smith

Awesome learnings.  You could easily offer a double your money back guarantee!”  Nic Dale

“Great layering of content, makes it easy to learn and apply.  It really does transform communication, the skills are easy to use immediately.”  Karen Hamiltion

All the skills were simple and easy to use.  The value of the material far out weighs the cost.”  Phil Benoit

A great tool box of skills.  By attending Transforming Communication you will be giver the tools to help you and others communicate in a calm, peaceful and meaningful way.  Who wouldn’t want that?”  Catherine Grace

“Great value for money.  Simple to understand yet powerful tools that can be used to great effect immediately.”  Dane Fuller

Stress free learning environment.  The sense that our best interest was the main concern.  A powerful course to enable easy changes in your life in the area of communications.”  B.R.

“I valued the use of real life examples and the chance to talk them through.  It was great to see and feel the skills in use by the instructors constantly during the course particularly as I became more aware of them.  The course was the most valuable course of any type that I have been on, really had me thinking about how I could do things better to improve my life and those around me.  Going into the course I thought it was going to be good but it was even better than that, hugely exceeded my expectations.”   Anita Sutherland

“I really appreciated the trainer’s enthusiasm.  The course is a valuable gift to give yourself, one that will open up many choices in work, and family relationships.”  Tracey Neil

Excellent.”  Nick Thompson

“Mike has a very genuine delivery style.” Guy Francis

“Rapport instantly.  Very easy to follow because I always felt engaged.”  Tarryn Fredericks

“Mike Catton was fabulous, a top-notch presenter who I learnt so much from in one weekend.”  Grace

Knowledgeable, organised, passionate.”  Eva Maldonado

Great.”  Charlotte Sadler 

“Mike was knowledgeable, well spoken, great communication style and approachable on all aspects of the course.”  Dennis McGrath

“Mike was awesome.  Good rapport with the group.”  No name given

Mike was a fantastic presenter.  He knows his material, is thoughtful and approachable.”  Joel Sadler

“Very highly.  Mike Catton was fantastic to listen to, a great teacher.  Very organised.  Personal and professional balance was executed very well.”  Greer Wignall

“Mike Catton is definitely organised, knows his stuff and skilled in it.  He’s also very easy to listen to, good voice and relatable (probably proof of his rapport skills).”   Bianca Punt

Mike was awesome.  Thanks.”  Kevin Kearney

Great!!! Loved it all.”  Mark Baldwin

“Knowing and experiencing how the mind works and being able to consciously engage those tools has enabled me to set more purposeful goals.”  Nick Thompson

Invaluable knowledge and skills for improving your life.  Everything to be gained, nothing ever lost.  I’m going back for more.”  Grace

A fantastic way to learn skills for sales, relationships and gaining power in your life.  Understandings and skills everyone would benefit from.”  Bianca Punt

“Two days of real self enlightenment.  Prepares you to take a good look at yourself and empowers you to make changes which will lead you on the path to success in your life.”  No name given

Eye opening …. Worth every penny and so much more.  When you have the tools to excel and improve yourself everything becomes so much easier.”  Mark Baldwin

“I enjoyed this course because it was open/honest and practical, presented without judgement. It is a course that you need to do in your teenage years, but whenever you do it there is time to change your behaviour and to become financially responsible and thus ‘free’.” Steph Mainprize

“Plenty of food for thought, good tools and actions to take. Value for money.”  Lyndal McMeeking

“Always enjoy Mike’s training and the insights matched with his personal experience of “walking the walk” are absolutely priceless.”  Colin Clapp

“The course was very accessible and I felt empowered and inspired to act on increasing my financial I.Q.”  Claire Jackson

“The outcome of Mike’s workshop for Airways Training Instructors in Palmerston North has resulted in a significant positive change in the way Instructors motivate and engage students. He changed their view of what was possible and provided effective strategies for ensuring positive communication and self-learning.  The manner in which Mike delivered the workshop fully supported and enabled participation at a high level ensuring that responsibility for creating the best learning environment for Airways students was theirs. This has translated into all students being punctual, engaged and taking responsibility for their learning due to the positive communication strategies and understanding their role in making this happen through student engagement and motivation”.  Mary-Anne Sievers

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