Leadership Development

Developing Great Leaders

Some leaders are born, but most are developed over time

Public Speaking TipsThe success of an organisation is largely dependent on its leaders.  The leaders of an organisation have a great deal of influence on the culture of an organisation and the performance of its team members.  Therefore, for an organisation to perform at its best, the leaders must do the same.  There are a number of leadership traits great leaders have, and leadership training programs can help leaders to develop and grow. Below are details of programs delivered by Mike Catton to develop and inspire your leaders whilst providing great tools for them to deliver your business outcomes.


Leading a Growing Business

Give your leaders the leadership tools they need to excel

If you want your business to stagnate and fail, don’t invest in your leaders.  Business growth rarely happens by accident.  Most of the time it is well thought out and delivered by talented leaders with a knowledge of change management.  By investing in your current and future leaders you increase the likely growth of your business.  Mike Catton can provide the leadership tools required by your leaders to deliver on your business outcomes.  Please click here for more information.

Strategic Business Planning

Business targetsA long term vision drives organisational success

Essential to any organisation is a strong vision and clarity around the organisation’s purpose and values. 

Mike can work with the leaders in your organisation to develop a 1 page business plan with 3 to 5 year business goals.  Please click here to find out more.


Tactical Business Planning

Clear goals, action orientation and a quick operational tempo are necessary for strong business performance

An essential part of getting where you want to go is knowing how you’re going to get there and having the willingness to take action.  Mike’s tactical business planning workshop focuses on short term business goals, alignment strategies and includes detailed situational analysis to give organisations a clear path to follow.

Having defined what you seek to achieve and the culture required to deliver it, attention can be focused on how it will be accomplished.  The development of a strategic plan is essential for a high performing and productive team.  Planning does take time, but it saves thousands of wasted man hours and resources working on non-essential tasks.  It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and make real tangible progress along a defined path.  A ‘1 Page Business Plan’ allows all people in your organisation to pull together on the tasks that really matter.  Please click here to find out more.

Coaching Skills for Leadership Excellence

Business coachingEmpower your team to perform at their best

Coaching is one of the ways we can help our team members to perform well and ensure they are constantly developing and improving. This workshop focuses on strategies for coaching which allow leaders to empower and motivate their team members.  Please click here for more information. 

Management Excellence

Give your leaders the management tools they need to excel

Like all members of your organisation, if you want your leaders to perform well, they need to have all the tools necessary to do so.  Management Excellence focuses on key performance indicators (KPIs), risk management, project management, problem solving and strategies for improvement.  To find out more, please click here.

  • Leading A Growing Business

    Leading a Growing Business

    This NZTE accredited course focuses on leadership functions, situational leadership, communication strategies and inspiring one’s team.

  • Strategic Business Planning

    Strategic Business Planning

    This NZTE accredited course focuses on business vision, purpose, values and development of a 1-page business plan with 3-5 year business goals.

  • Tactical Business Planning

    Tactical Business Planning

    This NZTE accredited course focuses on quarterly, monthly and 1-year business goals, business alignment strategies and detailed situational analysis with the metrics to drive business performance.

  • Coaching Skills for Leadership Excellence

    Coaching Skills for Leadership...

    This NZTE accredited course focuses on the effects of the use of power, empowering your team, motivation strategies and coaching for performance.

  • Management Excellence

    Management Excellence

    This NZTE accredited course establishes your key performance indicators, and focuses on risk management, problem solving, project management and work based improvement strategies.

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