Time Management

It’s Time to be More Productive

Can we really ‘manage time’?  We can’t slow it down or save some for another day.  We can’t borrow 10 minutes from a friend and we can’t even control how many hours we get in a day.  We can however ‘manage ourselves’ and use the time we have more effectively.

Mike can work with your team to give them tools and strategies in order to manage themselves and their workloads effectively.  This lowers the stress levels of team members both individually and collectively, whilst increasing productivity and performance.  


Time Management

Time Management TipsLearn skills for greater productivity and performance

Mike’s time management training covers a number of tips, tools and techniques your team can employ to use their time effectively.  With a focus on practical skills, team members will leave with the ability to start making changes to the way they work immediately.  Topics covered include decision making, effective meetings, delegation, accountability, personal performance and goal setting.  Please click here for more details.


Keys to Success

Investing in your team members allows greater success in your organisation

Keys to Success covers a range of skills and strategies for effective self management in the workplace. Topics include goal setting, state management and communication, and will allow participants to grow personally as well as professionally, contributing greatly to the success of the organisation overall. Please click here for more information. 

  • Optimal Performance

    Time Management

    This NZTE accredited course focuses on time management, decision making, teamwork, effective meetings, delegation, accountability, personal performance and goal setting.

  • Keys to Success

    Keys to Success

    This course is all about the growth and development of leaders and team members.  It covers a wide range of topics from communication and state management to goal setting.

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