Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness


I wrote recently about the benefits of 'random acts of kindness' and how they are good for both the receiver and the giver.  There is a certain joy that comes from giving unconditionally.  Finding ways to support and nurture others is something that I passionately believe in and I'd like to share a couple of personal experiences I had this week on the receiving end of 'random acts of kindness'.


My favourite restaurant is 'Wagamama' both for the service and the good tasty healthy food at a great price. Since the Christchurch earthquake I've had to miss out when in my home town so when in Auckland or Wellington, which is not too often, it’s usually my preferred place to eat.  This last week, my wife Kathy and our 2 boys ate at the Auckland restaurant on Tuesday evening.  Nothing unusual, the same great food and service that I would expect.  On Wednesday evening we decided to eat at Wagamama again on our way to the airport.  The same great experience.  When we went to pay they said, 'It’s covered'.  We were shocked, we'd never been given a free meal by a restaurant before.  When we asked why, they told us that they missed the Christchurch Restaurant too and that they simply wanted us to have dinner as their guests.  Kathy and I were moved and I still am as I write this.

The joy of givingThen, on our return from Auckland, late Wednesday evening, we arrived home to find that some flowers had been delivered and were waiting for us.  They were from the Best Man at our wedding some 8 years ago.  Rob has sent us flowers every year on our wedding anniversary, regardless of the pressures of his own life such as operational tours in Afghanistan.  Given that he lives in England and that we have only seen him twice in 7 years he clearly goes above and beyond the call of duty.  We feel truly blessed that such people exist in the world.

I wanted to write this, not only to share the experience of being on the receiving end of 'random acts of kindness' but to encourage more people to engage in 'random acts of kindness' for the benefits that both parties experience.  If one ever wanted to strengthen a community and help people feel valued, with all the positive benefits that follow, then these simple actions would be top of my agenda.  I encourage you to find some way to make someone else's life better today...

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