Who / What Does Mike Recommend?

WHich Training Courses Does Mike Recommend?

Tony Robbins:  Unleash the Power Within

Tony Robbins:  Unleash the Power WithinThis course is all about seizing the power that lies within and harnessing it so you can go out there and create the life you truly desire.

Mike attends most trainings only once.  This one he has been to three times.  This is the course Mike most highly recommends to others; it changed his life and it will change yours too.

UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN will allow you to:

  • Break through your fears and anything which is holding you back.
  • Create momentum in your life so you can make the changes you want.
  • Develop new habits and routines to support you in creating your new life.
  • Harness strategies to create wealth in your life, regardless of external circumstances.

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Which organisations does Mike recommend?

Sit Right Work Well

Jane Cowan-Harris, Sit Right Work WellYour workspace is an essential component in determining your level of productivity.  Poorly set up workspaces increase the likelihood of people developing shoulder, neck or back pain, headaches, or conditions such as OOS, RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.  These all compromise our ability to work effectively and adversely affect our quality of life outside of workTo ensure your workspace is set up correctly to maximise your comfort as well as short and long term health, Mike recommends giving Jane Cowan-Harris (left) at Sit Right Work Well a call.  She can help you improve your work environment, whatever your situation.  She trains staff in occupational safety and health, conducts workplace audits, gives information on correct lighting and workstation setup, and ensures your organisation is meeting the requirements of the OSH Code of Practice.  All this helps ensure the comfort and safety of you and your staff, as well as maximising your performance and productivity.

HR Toolkit

HR ToolkitHR Toolkit provides you with all the practical documents you need when you employ staff.  It allows you to buy individual documents you require, such as contract templates or performance review documents, or you can sign up to have unlimited access to their documents, and ongoing support and advice from a Human Resource Manager if you choose.  HR Toolkit is perfect for busy business owners who don't have an HR department.

Assess Systems

Assess SystemsMost managers will hire on knowledge, skill and experience - what a person can do, but will usually terminate or have problem employees based on who the person is - Their Attitude, Personality, motivations and general learning ability.  AssessSystems are there to provide you with expert advice and tools to help you avoid hiring a "horror story".  At AssessSystems, they take the "whole person" approach - a 7 step systematic process that ensures you collect ALL the information you need before making a hiring decision.

What training locations does Mike recommend?

Living Springs

For training taking place in Mike's hometown of Christchurch, Mike highly recommends training at Living Springs, where training can incorporate outdoor events such as kayaking and shooting.Living Springs

"Living Springs has provided a great service for my corporate clients this year.  The Harbour View training room is my personal favourite and great for groups of about 20.  The refreshments and lunch have been tasty and healthy, adding to the overall impact of training events.  The activities available from kayaking to shooting have been a hit with team building orientated training days.  Most importantly the team at Living Springs have been helpful and thorough in their service delivery making my events run smoothly and easily.  Living Springs is my preferred partner to deliver training events." - Mike Catton

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