Maximising the Effectiveness of Your Workspace

Maximising the Effectiveness of Your Workspace


Your workspace is an essential component in determining your level of productivity. Poorly set up workspaces increase the likelihood of people developing shoulder pain, neck pain or back pain, headaches, or conditions such as OOS, RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.  These all compromise our ability to work effectively and adversely affect our quality of life outside of work.  Setting up our workspace in a way that enables us to be comfortable and pain free - both for the short and long term, is therefore something we should all be considering.



As a performance and productivity specialist, I want to leave no stone unturned.  I am very aware of all aspects of my business and its environment – from ensuring I deliver top level training courses right through to the way I sit in front of my computer. 

For this reason, I recently called on the services of Jane Cowan-Harris (pictured above), a Christchurch based health and safety consultant from the organisation Sit Right Work Well, to give an assessment of my office to ensure the ongoing health, wellbeing, and ultimately productivity and success of myself and my team.  I found this to have been an excellent move, and for this reason am keen to share my experience with you, and to encourage you to consider the impact your workspace is having on your work performance.

Jane was able to offer fantastic, cost effective solutions for us in a very short time.  She offered advice on the setup of our chairs and workstations, measured lighting levels, and gave useful recommendations on ways to maximise our comfort, so we could in turn maximise our effectiveness.  She was also able to offer excellent advice which has influenced the design of our new office which will soon be under development.

The benefits from this short visit were instant and I’m confident they will be ongoing.  There have been significant changes with regards our comfort and health, and that has enabled us to maintain high levels of performance and productivity.  We also feel secure in the knowledge that we are taking action to maintain our long term health as well as the long term success of our business.

Jane can help any business or employee to improve their work environment, whether it be a large corporation, a small home office, or a mobile worker with no fixed work station.  She trains staff in occupational safety and health, conducts workplace audits, gives information on correct lighting and workstation setup, and ensures your organisation is meeting the requirements of the OSH Code of Practice. 

The investment is an extremely worthwhile one, both in terms of health and wellbeing, and in terms of performance and productivity.

Jane is available to work with businesses all around New Zealand. I highly recommend you give her a call.

Author: Mike Catton.  Follow Mike on Facebook and Linked In, or check out his profile on Google+.


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