Meet the Training Team

Mike Catton: "It’s All About Results"

Mike CattonMike is an international award winning, innovative trainer with a passion for productivity and performance.  During his service in the British Army, and in his capacity as a Chartered Aircraft Engineer, Mike developed practical, hands on leadership and management experience. He led teams of up to 120 people and was deployed on operational tours of duty.

How people best perform, both as individuals and in teams, has been Mike’s focus for two decades. His work has won international awards and he is passionate about the practical application of the latest research into human performance.  He designs and delivers practical and engaging programs for government departments, industry, academia, schools and community groups.

Married with two young sons, Mike values quality family time, and this is combined with a passion for adventures, so expect to find him and his family tramping, rafting, skiing and generally enjoying the outdoors.

Community is important to Mike and he takes an active role as a board member and advocate for Orton Bradley Park.

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Scott Stephen: "Great Teamwork is Key"

Scott Stephen TeambuildingScott is a former soldier, operating as a sniper and a signaller, and specialising in mountain warfare while serving with British special forces on deployments around the world.  Since leaving the military he has worked within the retail sector in various positions as well as the private security industry.

Scott's experience is ideal in development of high functioning teams.  On the 'tame' end of the spectrum he is available for typical team building days and on the 'wild' end he can create events to suit your team in the wilderness.  These adventures from one to ten days will challenge and reward your team.

Passionate about the outdoors, he has taken part in several multi-sport and endurance events such as the Coast to Coast and the Bedrock 50 ultra marathon. He is a volunteer member of the Alpine and Cliff Rescue team as a team leader and medic, as well as teaching navigation for the NZ alpine club.  Scott also uses the skills and knowledge he has learned through the military and experience from sporting and outdoor endeavors to educate, encourage and guide others through training to achieve their goals safely and successfully whatever they may be.

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