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  • Keys to Success

    Keys to Success

    This course is all about the growth and development of leaders and team members.  It covers a wide range of topics from communication and state management to goal setting.

  • Executive Coach:  Mike Catton

    Executive Coach: Mike Catton

    Mike specialises in coaching executives, CEOs and other members of the senior management team.  Mike will help you get more from yourself, your team and your business. 

  • Accountability Coach: Colin Clapp

    Accountability Coach: Colin Clapp

    Using the principles of clarity and accountability, Colin helps business owners improve their thinking so they can get the results that mean the most to them. This clears the fog and opens up their minds to greater possibilities. 

  • Inspirational Cards

    Inspirational Cards - Four Sets...

    4 different sets of cards designed to inspire.  15 cards in each set, each with a stunning photograph and inspirational quote.  Four different backs to suit a variety of occassions:  Postcard...  Thinking of you...  Thank you...  Just a quick reminder...  Choose from Set A, B, C or D.

  • "Seize the Day" Wristband

    "Seize the Day" Wristband

    It's important to Seize The Day every day.  That's why we've developed "Seize The Day" Wristbands - to act as a convenient and fashionable way you can remind yourself that every day is a day worth living and a day worth using well.  

  • FREE 'Inspired' Seminar Series

    FREE 'Inspired' Seminar Series

    ‘Inspired:  A Positive Business Community Supporting Your Growth’, is a FREE training series created for organisational leaders.  Seminars are held every three months, giving you an ongoing opportunity for learning, growth and development. 

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