Coaching Services

Success is more likely with a robust, yet simple plan, accompanied with a good dose of accountability.

  • Executive Coach:  Mike Catton

    Executive Coach: Mike Catton

    Mike specialises in coaching executives, CEOs and other members of the senior management team.  Mike will help you get more from yourself, your team and your business. 

  • Personal Success Coach:  Robyn Woodham

    Personal Success Coach: Robyn...

    To be the best you can be in your business, you need to be at your best throughout the rest of your life too.  Life coaching with Robyn Woodham will help you perform at your optimal level.

  • Executive Coach:  Kathryn Jackson

    Executive Coach: Kathryn Jackson

    Kathryn is an executive coach specialising in working with professionals and leaders who want to achieve balance, confidence and personal growth.  She help managers have better “people conversations” at work, and specialises in career development discussions. 

  • Accountability Coach: Colin Clapp

    Accountability Coach: Colin Clapp

    Using the principles of clarity and accountability, Colin helps business owners improve their thinking so they can get the results that mean the most to them. This clears the fog and opens up their minds to greater possibilities. 

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