Get the most from your business

Get the most from your business

Excellence is not a singular act – it’s a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.

The Mike Catton team understand the power of positive action; of taking control and leading by example.  Mike and his team are passionate about helping individuals and organisations perform at their best, and offer a number of services designed to help improve the performance and productivity of organisations through developing its leaders and team members.

Mike Catton is a great choice for your organisation:

  • We work with businesses of all sizes to increase success and productivity.
  • Our training is eligible for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Capability Development funding.
  • Our approach is practical and based on what really works, not what just sounds good or reads well.
  • We believe in having fun – we engage, entertain and inspire.
  • We are an ethical, responsible business that measures success by results.
  • We have won international awards for our training – we know what works.

Training.  Seminars.  Consultancy.  Facilitation.  Coaching.  Speaking.

All designed to lift performance and productivity.

We judge Our Success by YOUR Results

Getting a significant return on your investment is vital therefore we use Kirk Patrick methodology and make 3 promises:

  • Mike will deliver great ideas and concepts.
  • Mike will provide practical, useable tools and strategies.
  • Mike will engage, entertain and inspire you.

As a result your team will make behavioural changes to the way they do their work and the outcome of this is that your team will become more productive and high performing.

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Innocentive Award Winner: 2008, 2011

Innocentive Award Winner:  2008, 2011

In 2008 Mike’s solution won the Innocentive Award against worldwide competition for the challenge of how to effectively change habitual behaviour. We are the product of what we repeatedly do, thus performance is concerned with what we habitually do and therefore being able to change habits is essential. In 2011, Mike teamed up with Robyn Woodham to submit award winning ideas once more, this time focussed on how people can develop positive habits beneficial to their health.

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